Clay render

Studio Momo's clay render that can be polished to a marble finish. Our natural clay plasters come in a range of natural oxide colours. The unique blend of minerals and pigments is designed to bring a piece of the natural environment into the home.

Clay plasters are uniquely beautiful and inspiring to live with but equally as functional in their ability to regulate humidity. Unfired clay can absorb and desorb moisture faster than any other building material, if you couple this with its ability to breathe you have a wall system that can actually modify the internal environment in a possitive way. Reducing the likelihood of airbourne infectious bacteria and viruses. Clay will also absorb pollutants and neutralise odours to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Not to forget clay plasters are also 100% environmentally friendly with almost 0% embodied energy; 100% biodegradable and 100% reclyclable and reusable.


Breathable | Moisture regulating | Smooth and textured surface textures available | polishes to a marble finish


If you are interested in the above mentioned product, please feel free to contact us. We make the product in-house on project basis as per the client's requirements and specifications. We can also provide samples if required.

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