Studio Momo's green wall system

February 15, 2014/Uncategorized/

Sometimes called living walls, green facades, bio walls or vertical gardens, green walls are a dynamic way to green a vertical built surface. For our system we use recycled plastic to create bespoke custom designed vertical garden walls. Either free standing as shown above or fixed to an existing wall the green wall system can be constructed virtually anywhere. Our wall system differs from other systems that are on the market today in that it closely mimics nature and allows plants to grow to their full potential. Our green walls are low maintenance thanks to an automatic irrigation system. They are also water efficient, especially when compared to the irrigation that is used for gardens and urban parks.


Our very own beeswax furniture polish

January 27, 2014/Uncategorized/

Studio MoMo: studio-made Beeswax Organic Furniture Polish; We say No to Toxic chemicals!! This is another addition to our lineup of eco-products, the beeswax polish is a clear wax that provides a protective satin finish to most interior absorbent surfaces, especially wood, cork, unglazed tiles and as a finish on furniture painted with our casein paint. No chemicals or terpentines. 100% natural.


Clay cob wood fired pizza oven

December 27, 2013/Uncategorized/

This was an investigative task that took the best part of a month to construct (finding time in between work). One part of the investigation was to test the replacement of the traditionally used straw in the cob with local coconut coir. The other part was to test our organic insulation to see how well it fared with extreme temperatures. On both counts the outcome was successful, delicious pizzas in 30 seconds flat!

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